multestua -   h-wurf

Mutter des Wurfes ist Lauvstuas Thea Toybee River - Rufname Thea

Nina über Thea:

Thea is a calm, kind, stress-free, easygoing girl. All retriever-essentials are in place. Thea is a treasured hunting mate for Hilde and her friend Tom, and they do both duck, goose and upland-small game hunting.

R/H Name HD ED PRA Sonstige Bemerkungen
H Multestua Himmel Herlige Silje n.n. n.n. n.n.




R Multestua Heaven Sent Hugo n.n. n.n. n.n. n.n. Hoden +/+
R Multestua Himmel Hog Milo n.n. n.n. n.n. n.n. Hoden +/+
H Multestua Himmel Stjerne Happy n.n. n.n. n.n. n.n.  
H Multestua Himmel Glans Helvi n.n. n.n. n.n. n.n.  
R Multestua Himmel Han Solo n.n. n.n. n.n. n.n. Hoden +/+

Silje (Fräulein gelb)

Brita über Silje: She is very social and loves our grandchildren. She is easy to reward when training with both sweets and toys. Silje is a beloved puppy.



Hugo (Herr blau)




Milo (Herr rot)




Happy (Fräulein grün)




Helvi (Fräulein lila)

Helvi lebt bei mir und hat ihren eigenen Bereich.

Solo (Herr orange)




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